Social media is a marketing channel that plays a significant role in brand promotion campaigns. Some of the tools used here are social monitoring and social listening tools. What entails social media listening still baffles most of the marketers today. An insight or a trend should not be mistaken by social listening. There is a difference between what each uses as its tool for capturing the consumers’ attention.

What is Social media Listening?

It is the process of monitoring a brand’s social media channels and how consumers give feedback through direct mentions and discussions based on keywords or competitors. This feedback is analyzed to provide an insight into the brand and opportunities on how to manage the brand’s campaign.

It is a two-way process that receives data from customers and takes that data to improve on what is being suggested. It is with these comprehensive analyses and responses that your brand can thrive in the online world.

However, this tool works best when incorporated with social monitoring. These two set an extended foundation for your brand to operate on.

In a nutshell, it is the detailed analysis of customers online – what they are saying, and using their words as a recommendation list.

Why Choose NetBaseQuid Tools?

It is quite liberal to have these thoughts of why choose us over the other service providers. We at first put your customers on the frontline by focusing on what they are saying. Customers online almost talk about anything ranging from politics to cultural foodstuffs. Their interaction with nearly everything they come with is vital in campaigns.

The following are cumulative reasons why you should choose us to help with your product promotion.

The voice of the customer is louder when heard – customers like it when brands respond to their criticism.

  • Keeping track of the brand’s growth
  • There are new opportunities to offer
  • Broadening the base of prospects
  • Social media Listening Tools by NetBaseQuid
  • Social Scheduling Buffer

Multiple brands for agencies can be scheduled at a go, thanks to this tool. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. The specificities for brands in every medium are catered for along with recommendations to improve on practices.

The buffer best suits marketing teams managing multiple social accounts. Its subscription packages range from Free, Pro Plan, Small Business Plan, and Medium Business Plan. The three charged subscriptions are priced at $15, $99, and $199 for Pro Plan, Small Business Plan, and Medium Business Plan, respectively.


This is a Twitter-owned tool that offers the ability to view multiple twitter accounts and their activities under one dashboard. It has a state of the art organization of the accounts and their respective activities. All data is real-time and also extends to offer scheduling of tweets with promotion campaigns for later posting. The scheduled tweets will be posted no matter whether or not you are online.

This social media listening tool can be customized to fit the desired functions. These customization includes tracking mentions, trends, and topics. Tweetdeck is free but only available for Twitter social media.

Reputology for Social Review Management

This Grade.Us offers marketers an opportunity to manage social tools in one place. Reputology automatically gives an analysis of reviews to help understand the dynamics involved. It provides a timeline with a description of the performance of your tools. It helps reveal strengths and weaknesses which help in better practices. Its pricing starts at $49 per month.

Much said, you, as a marketer should be able to define and understand the meaning of social listening. Additionally, you should know what it is used for and how to incorporate it into your campaigns.

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