Why Is My Sales Page Not Good Enough?

A good sales page, sales copy, or sales letter is supposed to make sales even though it may not make sense. The idea or secret behind salepage a good sales page is not to make the best of sense but to make if possible the biggest of money via the pulling or the generation of huge traffic of the targeted customers.

It means that an online businessman, for instance, who wants to make money or profit on the internet but does not think of having a good sales page or copy is either day-dreaming or making a disastrous mistake which is capable of rocking his online fortune.

One good thing about the internet is that anybody can try to make sales and consequently, money by putting up a good sales page or copy. Funny enough, one bad thing about the internet is that anybody, saints and sinners, can make or try to make money by using a good sales page. It follows that a good sales page is the tonic of any online business – it can turn a business from zero income level to an amazingly great income level. A good sales page can turn a pauper into a wealthy man because if you have a great product but you are not selling it you are as good as one that has no product to sell. You are as good as a poor man. You don’t have credit cards and you don’t smile to the bank.

Then, what are the properties of a good sales page? What are the ingredients that make up a good sales letter? Let me advise you before I go very far. You have to be an expert in your niche before you can personally write your sales copy that can compel people to but even if they don’t want or feel like buying the product. You have to know the language of your niche which means that you should know much about your product. Also, you should be able to define the mind of your targeted customers. That is, you should know what they actually want and why they want it.

A good sales page must be able to define the problems that are being faced by the prospective customers. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. You should make them to feel the pain of the problem. You should be able to create an emotion in them by painting the picture of what may be the grave consequence of not solving the problem.

You have to tell them why you are the right person to offer solution to the problem. That is, you should show them, in writing, your credentials so that they will believe that you are a solution provider of great or good quality. Back up your product with some bonuses and money-back guarantee in order to show how confident you are that the product is of high quality.

What you have to do again is to create urgency in them so that they will be compelled to buy now! For example, you could tell them that the product is so limited that only 10 people can buy it at the current price after which the price will go up!


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