Working From Home Compared to Running a Retail Convenience Store

Working at home has a great deal of advantages, particularly when I compare it to our (the girlfriend of mine and I) Country Store business. Allow me to share several of the cons which we’ve operating a list physical business.

The very first con is you’ve to have accept ebt. It’s very difficult to meet folks you are able to believe in. I’ve had several main issues with workers through the years. Stealing is the largest problem. One other issue with personnel happens when they call in; we’ve to be there. That suggests remaining near by, no vacations for us.

Yet another con to enjoy a local store is sales taxes. in case you accept EBT, (aka Food Stamps), in case you’ve the Lottery, of course, if you sale gasoline, it’s a lot of paper work. I eventually employed an accountant to care for it for me each month.

Another con is actually robberies. The retailer of mine has been robbed four times at gunpoint. The girlfriend of mine was operating one night, and the daughter of ours was operating on an additional night.

The other workers of course quit immediately after they got robbed, that I can’t blame them. In reality, our daughter quit, also. She was just operating at the market of ours until she discovered yet another job. We didn’t want her down there, though she required the cash.

One more con is working with DHEC (Department of Environmental Control) along with health. Several of DHEC’s rules make no sense. For instance, the store of ours is actually a metal building.

We chose to insulate as well as make use of the metallic interior for the walls of ours rather than sheet rock. It will be a great deal easier to clean do not you believe.

Effectively they made us place sheet rock up across the mop other locations and sink, saying you’ve to have the ability to cleanse it water and soap along with a rag. Appears to me you are able to make use of that on metal.

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